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Three is the magic number

We are delighted to announce that three more forward thinking and ambitious organisations have selected GoMembership as the all-round solution for them.

Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia (SA) have become our third major National Sporting Organisation (NSO) in Australia, joining the likes of Paddle Australia and The Gliding Federation of Australia. SA work closely with the network of States and Clubs in Australia and were looking for a system that could offer a tiered approach to managing membership and supporting the major network of world class surfing events.

SA have taken full advantage of our Club+ product, which will see the NSO, the States and all of their Board Rider Clubs & Surf Schools benefit from the Single Customer View that GoMembership provides. They will now all benefit from integrated transactions, automated member communications and seamless member journeys.   

National Small-bore Riffle Association

The National Small-bore Riffle Association (NSRA) is the Governing Body for all Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Target Shooting in the United Kingdom, including Airgun and Match Crossbow Shooting. The NSRA have joined GoMembership with a view to modernising some of their working methods, improving their engagement levels and ultimately adding value to their membership proposition.

As GoMembership already has proven experience with similar organisations, such as, Scottish Target Shooting, UK Practical Shooting Association and more, the NSRA have come to the right place.

Great Britain Outrigger Canoe Association

The Great Britain Outrigger Canoe Association was established for the purpose of promoting and developing the sport as well as the culture of Outrigger Canoeing. GoMembership is the next step on the journey, providing Great Britain Outrigger Canoe Association with a simplified and fully automated membership experience. GoMembership will also provide the stepping stone to improved engagement with the members and an opportunity to manage and understand the Great Britain Outrigger Canoe Association community with advanced data capture and reporting capability.   

Here's just a couple of the latest features that GoMembership has to offer!

Mobile Responsive Member Experience

All member screens benefit from a fully mobile responsive experience. Grab your mobile, login to your account and buy your membership. If you select subscription, there’s nothing for you to do when you renew next time. It’s that simple with our mobile responsive member experience.

Product Upsells

Include upsell products into any purchase journey. Whether it’s merchandise, a rewards card or some insurance. It’s as simple as ticking a box for the member.

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