Engagement and automation are key

How do I increase member retention?

How do I increase member retention?

Increasing member retention is crucial for any member driven organisation, whether you’re a sports club, a national association or a social group, you will find that retaining your members can be a big challenge.

Some natural turnover due to relocation of housing or to another club just can’t be avoided but there are a range of challenges that can be. In the GoMembership Community we have regularly seen the following;

  • Not organising enough events (whether online or at a club)
  • Regularly engaging members 
  • The time and effort it takes to send reminders to members
  • Chasing the members who don’t pay on time
  • Collecting the fees in cash and taking them to the bank

What types of activities will help?

In the last 18 months we have seen a vast number of our community increasing their engagement levels with members. There has been a significant increase in online webinars and fitness sessions, for good reason, and we have seen a dramatic increase in general communications.

Now more than ever it is crucial for clubs and membership organisations to know how to keep members safe and so we've seen a lot of guidance coming through from national associations to help enhance the knowledge and understanding of their members. This type of valuable content will ensure that your members remain engaged and will stick with you once life starts returning to what we knew before. 

Learn more from some top membership associations and governing bodies in the GoMembership Community through #GoMembershipInsights

How can GoMembership help?

GoMembership has a sophisticated event management and ticketing feature that has been utilised really well in recent times by our community members who have been running more webinars and online sessions. Whilst GoMembership provides you with payment platform, it also allows zero value bookings to ensure the event software can also be used as a free booking system and data collection tool (handy for health screenings), really helpful for tracking attendance. 

The direct email feature, coupled with Email Management mentioned below, provide an opportunity to easily reach one or all members in your community, so there really are no excuses for minimal communication.

Taking payments online is a great way to reduce effort and simplify your members experience but the member profile in GoMembership also gives your members 24/7 access to their data to buy their memberships. GoMembership also offers a variety of payment methods. Setting up a subscription on your membership will allow your members to select automatic renewals so when it’s time to renew, they don’t have to lift a finger, the system will take care of it for them.

GoMembership v2.5 saw the introduction of Email Management, from which you have the ability to setup automated renewal reminders. Better still, you can personalise the content by membership type and you can select how many days before or after you would like the emails to send. Once setup you can just sit back and let GoMembership do the chasing so you don’t have to.  

Key Features Used

Written by Owain Fitzsimmons, Head of Marketing at GoMembership 

How can you add value to your membership?

09 September 2021

GoMembership Rewards can help you elevate your offering to your members by providing a tangible benefit that could see your members save considerably more than the cost of their membership.