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England Touch now live with GoMembership

We’re delighted to announce that England Touch have completed their implementation and are now live with GoMembership.

England Touch were looking for a more centralised system that could bring their membership management, teams and events into one manageable platform allowing them to streamline their administration efforts. Through GoMembership they have found exactly that and more. England Touch will now be able to save considerable effort on their administration freeing up valuable time and resource to focus on their main role of promoting, encouraging, developing and growing the sport of Touch in England.

England Touch will also benefit from the newly enhanced Event Management and Credential Management features that offer vast configurability to accommodate the needs of their coach and referee courses and qualifications.

David Pring, CEO at GoMembership said “The team at England Touch have been a joy to work with, their passion for the sport and development of Touch is clear to see and I’m delighted that GoMembership can be a part of their progression into a more digital future. The new features we’ve implemented with GoMembership v2.6 have been a real positive for the England Touch project and I look forward to seeing the time savings they will make by having a single unified platform for much of their administration needs.

Richard King, England Touch’s membership manager said, “GoMembership’s rich range of features for national governing bodies has allowed us to integrate several legacy systems and add many new features to improve our member engagement. We’re confident that this will make life easier not only for England Touch centrally, but also for our regions, clubs, leagues, and members. We’re excited that Touch is returning to play after the pandemic with a solution that is well placed to support the growth of, and our future ambitions for, the sport in England.”

If you would like to know more about England Touch or are interested in becoming a member you can find out more here.

How can you add value to your membership?

09 September 2021

GoMembership Rewards can help you elevate your offering to your members by providing a tangible benefit that could see your members save considerably more than the cost of their membership.