Personalisation pays

Create the perfect membership journey for every member

What’s the challenge?

With technology developing so quickly around us we are continually seeing improved personalised user experiences in all walks of life. Whether it’s for business, personal growth or for our hobbies we expect to reach our goals quicker, we are becoming more frustrated by clutter and roadblocks, and we love it when things are simple.

Have you taken a step back to have a look at what you are offering your members? With a new year approaching, now could be the perfect time to reassess and make sure you are putting your members first. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it simple to buy and renew a membership with you?
  • Is it easy to understand what’s being bought?
  • Are you rewarding those members that make your life easier?
  • Are you minimising the administration for both yourself and for the member?

How can GoMembership help?

With what we call purchasing rules, GoMembership can help to create a perfect membership purchase journey by simplifying the whole experience and ensuring efficiency is at the front and centre of your members joining experience. Here are some examples of simple to set-up scenarios that could lead to big time saving and revenue generating improvements for your organisation.

Show me what’s relevant

Every user of GoMembership has their own, mobile friendly, personal profile from which they can share as much information about themselves as they want, noting the more info they share the more personal an experience you can offer. Here’s just a couple of examples from our extensive rule list and Field Management functionality as to how you can easily enhance the Membership Journey:

  • The age rule. Display only the membership type for the correct age group, leaving no confusion around which memberships are relevant or should be selected.
  • The new member. Easily display provisional memberships to new members. Combine it with Field Management for data capture and use it as an opportunity to understand the new members experience level or if they’re interested in volunteering at your club.
  • The coach. To prevent just anybody purchasing your coaching memberships make use of the Qualification & Credential Management features to set pre-requisites on your membership type. This will stop people buying the membership unless they have the valid coaching qualification uploaded to their profile.

Reward your eager members

As well as applying the restrictions for visibility, you can apply discounts to reward your members. By combining multiple system features you can in fact apply discounts for almost anything you want. Here’s just a couple of examples of how discounting can be used to reward your members.

  • The early bird. Applying date rules such as ‘if purchasing between x date and y date’ you can offer discounts to those members who are renewing early. It’s a great way to work out member numbers, get some revenue in early and show your appreciation to your members.
  • The eager beaver. Using our Field Management functionality, you can create any data capture you like. You may wish to know in advance which members will be entering which competitions this year or which events they are attending. With this information you can apply a discount to the membership of those members who will be participating the most. It’s nice to reward commitment and show your members just how much you value them.

By introducing a couple of other system features such as subscriptions, instalment payments and automated communications to thank your members for their purchase and remind them of upcoming renewals, you can really simplify the experience and watch your retention rates climb.

Key Features Used

Written by Owain Fitzsimmons, Head of Marketing at GoMembership 

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