• Is GoMembership just for sports organizations?
  • My organization is quite small, is GoMembership still relevant?
  • Where can I find out your pricing?
  • Is GoMembership a modular system?
  • Can we keep our club / organization's branding if we have GoMembership?
  • How safe is GoMembership from a data security aspect?
  • What methods of online payments can GoMembership support?
  • I don't want a demo yet, but would like some more information
  • How do I log a support case?
  • How do I get a support login?
  • What do I do if I've forgotten my support login?
No, GoMembership is for any group, club, organization or association that has members.
Yes, GoMembership can still help you streamline your admin and save valuable time and effort. Our pricing bands start with an 'Up to 50 members' level.
Pricing varies depending on the type of organization you are; if you can provide some info on our Contact Form (type of organization, number of active members etc), we will be able to provide pricing details.
Yes, although GoMembership includes membership, events, online payments and communications as standard, other modules are available which expand the solution. If you have specifics in mind, complete the Contact Form and we will try to help.
Yes, we use your branding and imagery to create a recognizable and consistent login page for you.
We fully recognize the responsibility we have to provide a secure environment for our customers' data and understand the sensitivity of the personal information held. We have achieved the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard certification globally, and our robust and secure infrastructure aims to offer the highest level of data security, performance, resilience, disaster recovery and cyber-attack prevention.
GoMembership supports Credit/Debit cards, and Direct Debit/SEPA.
If you fill out the Contact Form, just tick the box for Product Overview and/or Case Studies. If you would like us to call you, please just ask in the Message section.
When you become a customer, you will receive your login details to the Service Desk with URL and user instructions.