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Scottish Sub-Aqua Club joins the GoMembership Community

We’re delighted to announce that Scottish Sub-Aqua Club (ScotSAC) has joined the GoMembership Community.

ScotSAC is the longest running amateur diving organisation in the UK and one of the longest running in Europe. Now with 54 branches and over 1,100 Members, they require a membership solution that can accommodate the growing needs of the organisation. GoMembership will simplify their administration and enhance the membership purchase journey whilst providing a single customer view of all members across every branch, and automate many processes that previously have been manual.

Phil Robinson, Commercial Director at GoMembership said, “I am delighted to welcome ScotSAC to the GoMembership Community and look forward to learning more about their fantastic work and their organisation as the project progresses. I know our software will provide the stepping stone that can help take their Membership administration to the next level.”

If you want to know more about Scottish Sub-Aqua Club or have an interest in becoming a member, you can read more on their website here.

Create the perfect purchase journey for each member

18 December 2020

GoMembership can help to create a perfect membership purchase journey by simplifying the whole experience and ensuring efficiency is at the front and centre of your members joining experience