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Don't let COVID-19 stop you

Put the safety and comfort of your members first with a bit of pre-planning

What’s the challenge?

COVID-19 has put a stop to a lot of club meetings and training sessions but as lockdown rules become more relaxed, you will start up again and you will want your members to feel as safe as possible.

Without the right tools it can not only be hard to make your members feel safe enough to start attending training again, it can also be hard to keep on top of everything that’s needed, such as;

  • Which members are coming to the session?
  • How many members wanted to come but couldn’t due to number restrictions?
  • What is the health status of each member?
  • How will you communicate session changes to your members?

How can GoMembership help?

The Event Management functionality in GoMembership allows you to address these challenges in a number of ways. You can start by setting up a standard event with all the details you’d expect, including any mandatory distance or face mask requirements. Then open your event up for members to book places for the perfect way to monitor attendance.

With the enhanced event features introduced in GoMembership v2.6 you can setup a waitlist for when the event becomes overbooked. The waitlist feature can also be used to notify the members when an event opens for bookings, if you want to advertise the session well in advance.

Your members will receive an auto-email on booking a place at the event or on the waitlist, with content defined by you. Additionally, you can email them directly from the booking screen to notify them of any changes you make.

If you’re keen to monitor your members health status you have two options through GoMembership. You can create a ‘Current Health’ form in the members profile containing any question you decide. The member can then update this if there is a change in their health. The second option is to include an event booking form that is connected to their place at the session. The member will be required to complete this form each time they book a place, therefore guaranteeing the information is always up to date. Both methods are easily reportable to help you stay on top of the information that’s important to you.

Finally, with the event template option you do not need to repeat the setup every time, simply copy the template and update the dates. It's that simple to setup so what are you for?

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18 December 2020

GoMembership can help to create a perfect membership purchase journey by simplifying the whole experience and ensuring efficiency is at the front and centre of your members joining experience