GoMembership Rewards

GoMembership Rewards provides an opportunity for you to generate extra revenue whilst adding value to your membership by rewarding your customers with thousands of discounts. *UK customers only




Adding Value to Membership

The Reward Scheme offers over 7,000 discounts at more than 270 retailers, including major sports and outdoor brands –most online!

Discounts also include 4% or more at leading supermarkets and 8% at digital retailer Currys.

If a member spends £100 of groceries for 10 weeks and a single £250 purchase at Currys (whether that’s on a smart watch to track performance, or a new laptop for a club admin) the member would save £57.50 minimum.

That’s more than the average annual membership fee of all of our customers.


Adding Value to your Organisation

Having a member only reward scheme can help to increase retention rates and in turn membership revenue.

Consider the value of £1.00 per enrolled member additional revenue to you, easily recouped by each member!

The scheme encourages communication with members and provides you with another opportunity to prove your value to the customer is always growing.

The Digital Reward Scheme Portal can be branded to emphasise that this is YOUR Reward Scheme for YOUR members!


Can I offer it with no effort? 

GoMembership is also launching our own Reward Scheme which will be generically branded by us, but will offer the same fantastic benefits but with no setup fees or administration. We will simply activate the scheme in your system and let your members reap the rewards! 

You and your members have everything to gain and nothing to lose – so Reward yourselves!

Complete our contact form here or email us directly at sales@azolve.com for more information.


Need more information?

We can send you further details on GoMembership, case studies on how existing customers are using GoMembership, or you can request a demo version where you can explore yourself.