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The powerful yet simple-to-use CRM toolkit that puts you in full control of your club administration no matter your club size. View the Features tab for a full list of features.

How will Club+ help me?

Simplify your admin and enhance your member experience

If you're looking to streamline your sign-up process, automate your membership renewals and give your members control over their data, then Club+ is for you. Club+ provides sophisticated Membership and Event Management software, intelligent automated communications and in-depth analytics to ensure you are always on top of your club administration.

Any place, any time

Access from anywhere

You and your members can access GoMembership from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Our mobile optimised screens allow simple purchasing, no matter your device or location. Simply login, add the product to the cart, then checkout with no fuss.

Automate to Communicate

Welcome with Automation

No time to send every new member a welcome message and all the details they need? No problem! With our range of automated emails, you can setup a hassle free member experience to do the work for you. 

The data you need

Create a perfect data capture journey

Whether someone is signing up, buying membership or booking onto an event, you have the ability to include data capture fields in the member journey at any step of the process. Capture the most important information in the simplest way. 

Keep your members up to date

Communicate with Members

Don't keep your members in the dark. Training times have changed, there's an event coming up, or membership renewals are due. With a combination of automated and club emails, you can guarantee your members will keep up to date with everything they need to know. 

automate to accumulate

Increase retention rates

It's an age old story. How do I keep my members at the club? With the subscription options in GoMembership, your members can auto-renew every year without lifting a finger. You also have the flexibility to offer payment plans using the instalment feature to help those who need it. 

No map, no bother

Easy navigation

With a simple Menu and easy to follow step-by-step configuration, you and your members will navigate the GoMembership system as if it were your own home. 

Know your numbers

Fully Reportable

All your data and information is in your hands. GoMembership has a full range of reports available to ensure you get the information you need, when you need it.