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Archery Ireland select GoMembership

Archery Ireland select GoMembership

2018 continues on a positive note as Archery Ireland becomes the latest national governing body to select GoMembership.

Archery Ireland is the governing body for Archery across Ireland, and is responsible for governing, developing and supporting all forms of archery including Target Archery, Field Archery and 3D Archery, all of which are governed by World Archery rules (to whom Archery Ireland is affiliated). Archery has increased steadily in popularity over recent years and membership of Archery Ireland and its c.40 clubs is healthy and growing.

GoMembership hit the target for Archery Ireland with its core features and optional add-ons. GoMembership functionality enables members to join their club directly, giving the club the ability to administer and manage their members, as well as giving Archery Ireland overall visibility of memberships and clubs. The Coach+ module will prove invaluable to Archery Ireland providing more control and tools to manage their coach administration, qualifications and credentials.

David Pring, GoMembership CEO comments, “We’re delighted that GoMembership has impressed Archery Ireland and they’ve chosen to go forward with us. As a company, we are continuously planning and developing new features and benefits that will not only help NGBs achieve their objectives, but that will also benefit clubs and improve the overall member experience. I believe this approach helped convince Archery Ireland to choose GoMembership, and we look forward to working with them and getting them live on the system very soon.”

David Leen, President Archery Ireland, said the association is pleased to move forward with GoMembership, “We are delighted to bring our membership process online with GoMembership, we have found the package on offer to be the best fit for our needs. GoMembership have listened to our particular needs and provided a solution that will benefit all our members.”

For more information on Archery Ireland, please visit their website here