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Going sky high with the Kwad Club!

Going sky high with the Kwad Club!

At GoMembership, we love the variety of sports and activities our customers represent. From well-known, high-participation sports like Badminton, Table Tennis, Canoeing and Netball, all the way along the spectrum to newer, smaller, niche sports and activities like Goalball and Stand-up Paddle Boarding. And we’ve got another one to add to the list – Drone Racing!

We’ve just signed our first Drone Racing club, namely Kwad Club, based in Berkshire, England. Kwad Club is a small but growing quadcopter social club where members are taught to race safely both indoor and outdoor. GoMembership’s Club+ solution will deliver Member Management and Course & Event Management to Kwad Club, allowing them to manage all their necessary admin processes easily, quickly and securely.

Drone racing is a hugely exciting, fast and furious experience for both the pilot and the audience. Races are conducted using a FPV (First Person View) system. The drone has a camera on it and the pilot uses video goggles to fly the drone as if they were sitting in the cockpit. Welcome to the future!

For more information on Kwad Club visit their Facebook page here, email them via info@kwad.club or watch them in amazing action here.