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Making a splash at the South China Diving Club

Making a splash at the South China Diving Club

We are excited to announce that GoMembership is now live with its first independent club, The South China Diving Club. SCDC is based in Hong Kong has been active since 1979 and is a member of the BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club).

The SCDC organize frequent diving expeditions in Hong Kong waters and around Asia, and give their members regular opportunities to learn and improve on their diving skills. Members have access to ongoing training under the BSAC system for novice and advanced divers alike. Regular social events, get-togethers and charity events make up a very busy and fun calendar for their members.

GoMembership will help the SCDC with all their Club Admin, Club Member Renewal, Club Events and Courses and Member Communications; saving valuable time that the club volunteers would much rather be spending in the water, and delivering an enhanced service and experience to the SCDC members.

David Pring, GoMembership CEO says “We are delighted to welcome the South China Diving Club on board, and it’s great to see our first independent club go-live with GoMembership. We are confident that GoMembership will transform and improve their club administration and play an important part in the future of this fantastic club.”

Alex Grioni from the SCDC comments “South China Diving Club is delighted to have taken this step towards a more accurate and organized membership database. It’s been a lot of fun working with David in building the system. The whole team has demonstrated an incredible professional competence in the field and SCDC are excited to adopt and start using the membership database.”

To find out more about the South China Diving Club, please visit their website here.