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BSUPA get on board with GoMembership

BSUPA get on board with GoMembership

GoMembership has just been selected by the British Stand Up Paddle Association to manage its members, clubs, courses and events.

The BSUPA is the national governing body for the developing sport of paddleboarding in the UK and was founded in 2007 to promote and grow the sport. With a focus on increasing safe coastal and inland access to the sport, providing exceptional training and coaching programs and growing the number of accredited schools and clubs, the BSUPA is seeing a surge of interest and participation in the sport.

Stand up paddleboarding is the fastest growing water based sport in the world and relies on balance and core strength to remain upright and propel the board through the water. With advances in design and technology, paddleboards are getting lighter and more manoeuvrable, and the paddles themselves are lighter and more powerful. This has enabled paddleboards to have a much broader use e.g. surfing, flat water cruising, racing, white water paddling, fishing, and even for paddleboard yoga.

David Pring, GoMembership CEO says, “We are delighted to have signed up the British Stand Up Paddle Association for GoMembership. We really enjoy working with these exciting new sports to help them deliver the very best service to their members and hopefully play a part in the long-term development of the sport.”

Andy Gratwick, BSUPA Head Coach comments, "BSUPA are really excited to be working with GoMembership and are looking forward to benefitting from the enhanced level of service they provide for a growing national association like ours."

To find out more about the British Stand Up Paddle Association, visit their website here.